Waterborne Paint Drying Systems for Every Application

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The California Pulse system is a nozzle based system intended to be installed into the corners of spray booths.  There are two different tower designs:  standard footprint (9.5" x 9.5") and the small footprint Stealth Towers (4.6" x 4.6" footprint).

Standar Footprint 

The nozzle system can also be wall mounted when corner installation is not possible.   The system is well suited to be installed into prep stations.  Turbulence creation is not dependent on booth or prep station airflow.  Directional turbulence is created by airflow rotation and air flow pulsation.  Please visit our Technology page for more information.

Nozzle Plenum With Door

Nozzle Plenum With Open Door

Slim Line Series

The Slim Line series of corner towers are the smallest footprint towers in the spray booth industry.  They only need 4.25” of available paint booth corner space.  The corner of the paint booth is by far the best strategic location for waterborne paint drying system towers.  However, in many spray booths there is very limited room in the corners.  There can be man doors, lights, large product doors, etc., that prevent the installation of a large footprint tower.  Because of this, installers often had to locate towers out of the corner of the paint booth.  This results in significant performance loss of the waterborne paint drying system.   It is difficult to design narrow towers because of the air flow loss caused by scavenging between two nozzles.  California Pulse developed anti scavenging nozzles to overcome this problem and to deliver outstanding air flow from this waterborne paint drying system. 

The Slim Line series is not available with the door option.  This system was designed for down draft style spray booths.



Control Panels 


We offer two different control panels with the system.  The first one is a UL508 control panel.

UL508 Control Panel


The second control panel is a non listed panel.

 Non Listed Control Panel


Perfect Air

Another revolutionary waterborne paint drying technology from California Pulse.   We are the only company in the spray booth industry that can guarantee consistant paint drying rates.  Gone are the days of excessive waterborne paint drying times caused by high humidity conditions.  Our patent pending controller will dry the paint at the fastest rate possible.


Most waterborne paint drying problems are caused by high relative humidity conditions in spray booths.  The Perfect Air controller can maintain the desired water evaporation rate by raising the spray booth temperature to the correct level.  In other words, the controller can dry waterborne coatings in the same amount of time every time regardless of high humidity level outside. The Perfect Air system should be used with the Pulse system.  Turbulence creation is essential to consistent drying performance.


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