Waterborne Paint Drying System - Pneumatic Fans


Pneumatic Fans or Corner Towers?

Pneumatic fans are a popular choice to dry waterborne finishes.  They seem like an inexpensive solution to create turbulent air movement on the painted surface.  However, they might not be as inexpensive as the sticker price suggests.

Generally there are either two or four fans in a system.  A two fan system only partially covers the shape of a vehicle in a booth.  A two fan system will work, but you constantly have to adjust the fans to make sure you direct the air flow at the painted surface.  You have to pay attention to vehicle and part positioning because two fans do not completely cover the interior of the spray booth.  A two fan system is only a partial solution.

A four fan system is the ideal setup.  Four fans will evenly cover the interior of the spray booth with turbulent air.

Many companies advertise compressed air consumption below 10cfm.  The truth is that pneumatic fans do not perform well if you supply less than 10cfm of air to each fan.  This means that you need at least 20-25cfm of compressor capacity to feed two fans.  If you want complete coverage of a vehicle you need four fans.  Four fans will require 40-50cfm of compressed air capacity. 

Do you have this much capacity?  If you don’t you need a new compressor.  A new compressor will cost about $8,000 including shipping and installation.  Now, the installed system price of 4 fans and a compressor is up to about $12,000.  For the same amount, you can buy a corner based system that fits better into the spray booth and costs a third to operate than a pneumatic fan system costs.

Is there a solution to this problem?  Can you buy an inexpensive fan system that covers a car completely with turbulent air flow?

The solution is the California Pulse, patent pending pneumatic fan system.  This system is based on our superior turbulence creation technology we have been using in our corner tower systems.  It works the  following way.  The control panel operates only 2 fans at a time.  The first set of two fans run for 5-7 seconds then we switch to the other two fans. 

Starting and stopping the air flow is a tried and proven method of superior turbulence creation.  Best of all we are only using half the compressed air flow other systems use.

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